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Top Features In Your King James Bible Download:

The Holy Bible King James Version software is one of the easiest softwares that you can download online. It has a lot of advantages compared to other softwares out there because of the multi feature that it consists. Here are some of the points that you need to be aware in order to know how helpful this KJV bible software could ever get for you:

It has 12,000 topics including Parables and Prophecies
It has a topic search feature that allows you to easily look up topics in the Bible without going through the hassle of making further inquiries and actions other than typing the topic title or keyword.
It has maps
It allows bookmarks
It includes Strong’s Nave’s, Eastons, Matthew Henry Commentary Tony’s and Hitchcoks Bible names dictionary
It has a customizable feature that allows you to change the fonts and colors to your preference
It gives you an option to use it with Microsoft Word which will make taking notes more convenient
It has a web folder that has the ability to allow you to add your favorite bible, music, study software and news links
It can allow you to create your very own topic list for easier reviewing
Here is some of the information about its system:


Current Version 8.0.1
File Size is 14.38 MB
It is downloadable and free
Operating System includes Windows 95, NT, 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista
This KJV Bible software has been downloaded for 323,391 times already since it was first released last June 19, 2009. It has helped a lot of people who would like to study God’s Word in the most convenient way and has allowed user experience to be much more worthwhile than the rest.

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